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Frequently Asked questions

We, the company under the name Yesterday’s Bread, confirm that all clothes in the consignment have been cleaned and disinfected prior to export and are free of live insects, soil, manure, seeds and plant debris.

We strive to update our website as much as we physically can.

Unfortunately, with vintage and second hand clothes you don’t. That is the exact reason that we try to detail our products by measurements, hoping that one might get it about right.

Oops, we are sorry for that! Please bear in mind, that there is a disclaimer underneath all our listed products that states there is a chance for any listed product to be sold simultaneously in our physical shops.

In the case of having bought and paid via credit card for a said sold item, your purchase will be void. It is for this exact reason, that we have placed an acceptance clause on our website, meaning that if we do not have the item, the purchase is not going through.

The majority of items in our catalogue are used items and subsequently, not all items will be perfect. During our selection process, we strive to examine each item in detail to check the quality of the item and to determine if there are any issues about the item that you need to know about. We are very honest in our selection and grading process because we want you to know exactly what you are buying.

Of course there is the option upon communicating with us, for you to collect your item in the shop.

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